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PHV . Vertical rotary tables



PH . Horizontal rotary tables



PHL . Lineal rotary tables



MH . Hydrostatic rotary tables



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PH . Horizontal rotary tables


.Hight precision horizontal rotary tables.

Zeatz PH rotary table



  • PH 450
  • PH  600
  • PH 800
  • PH 1000
  • PH 1200
  • PH 1500
  • PH 2000
  • PH 2500
  • PH 3000

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The PH range covers horizontal rotary tables (vertical axis) from 450 mm to 3 m and can have round, square or rectangular table configurations with different slot measurements depending on client requirements and applications.
The table can also be equipped with hydraulic outlets of  4, 6,8,10… points in order to be able to adapt any type of automatic part clamp or pallets.

The working of these rotary tables is done through worm drive or 4 quality crown circle with a backlash correction system with which we can guarantee accuracy during the working lifespan.

The rotor is supported by cylindrical point bearings on hardened steel runs especially designed to hold the large weights the rotary tables will be subjected to. The measuring system always goes in such a way that any type of adjustment or replacement operation is easy.

The rotary tables design guarantees us perfect sealing against any type of external agents, whether metal shavings, lubricants … which are always a threat to the correct working and life of any type of rotary tables.


Designed to clients' needs.

PH range covers horizontal rotary tables (vertical axis) vertical axis rotary table horizontal rotary table Zeatz PH range covers Zeatz PH rotary table Zeatz Zeatz rotary table



Koskela . Finlandia

MTC. Carolina del Norte. USA

Rooms . Brasil

Kematech . Alemania