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PT . Tilting rotary tables



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PT . Tilting rotary tables


.Tilted and continuous rotation. Tilting rotary tables.

Tilting rotary tables Zeatz PT



  • PT 450
  • PT  600
  • PT 800
  • PT 1000
  • PT 1200
  • PT 1500
  • PT 2000
  • PT 2500
  • PT 3000

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The rotary tables with an automatic tilt angle offer us great versatility when facing any type of work, no matters how complicated or demanding it may be.
For this reason, they are designed in such a way that each axis has its own working, locking system and measuring system.

There are various options when configuring this type of rotary tables; with two controlled axis or either manual.

The tilt angle can also vary according to the type of part or work to be carried out, the most common being from —20   + 90 degrees.

Thanks to the functionality of these rotary tables you can equip your machine with another two additional axis with which you can meet your clients’ most demanding requirements.

There is also the option of equipping the PT range with any type of accessory like jaw chucks, pallets, tailstocks, rests, rollers etc.

Designed to clients' needs.

Tilting rotary tables Zeatz PT Tilting rotary tables PT Tilting rotary tables Zeatz rotary table Tilting rotary tables Zeatz PT Tilting rotary table



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