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PHL . Lineal rotary tables



MH . Hydrostatic rotary tables



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MH . Hydrostatic rotary tables


.Hydrostatic rotary tables

Hydrostatic rotary table Zeatz MH







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The hydrostatic rotary tables can be integrated on lineal axis or independently.


These rotary tables are designed to support up to 100 T and the hardest mechanised conditions. They also offer excellent durability thanks to the hydrostatic working of the rotary elements.


With the addition of the lineal axis we give the machine even more versatility with which we can carry out large mechanisations with the guarantees and quality demanded nowadays.

Designed to clients' needs.

MH Hydrostatic Rotary Table Zeatz Hydrostatic Rotary table Hydrostatic Rotary table Zeatz



Koskela . Finlandia

MTC. Carolina del Norte. USA

Rooms . Brasil

Kematech . Alemania