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The history of an over 50 year old brand



More than 50 years of history endorse the quality and reliability of our products in a market as demanding as the machine tool market, and this makes us innovate in all products in order to provide our clients with the technical solutions in the fields they require.



From the smallest to the biggest rotary tables, we know how important this accessory is for the large amount of precision operations that are carried out to achieve the highest quality standards, and that’s why we have mechanical, electrical, electronic and design departments to continue giving solutions to the world of industrial mechanisation.

Market and Sectors

The ZEATZ rotary tables enjoy great prestige and recognition throughout the world, being present in most countries and working for sectors such as machine tools, energy, naval ...



Koskela . Finlandia

MTC. Carolina del Norte. USA

Rooms . Brasil

Kematech . Alemania